Andrew Schumer

5G Is Coming – Why You Should Be Afraid 


Andrew Schumer is a technologist and specialist in the fields of cybersecurity, blockchain, AI and big data. He has managed companies and technology strategies in Denmark and the UAE with a truly global client list. A seasoned project manager and entrepreneur, he has found the right balance of client obsession and technical wherewithal.
Andrew has worked closely with the Dubai Future Accelerators in Cohort 4 and together with his team was able to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to the food safety issue in Dubai by training cameras to identify trucks and numbers as they drive onto the holding lot.
For the last 4 years, Andrew has been the CBO for a company in Dubai specialising in government technology solutions ranging from big (really big) data to A.I. implementations and large server infrastructure projects. It was during this time, where Andrew began to help other entities with their communication and keynotes in bringing complicated subject matter to non technical experts.
Assisting Dubai Municipality with FoodWatch and discussing blockchain in the world trade center to giving training sessions on big data and identifying critical mass with TSI and In the last year alone he has spoken and been invited to more then 10 panels and speaking engagements including the IEQ conference at Dubai University as well as the 2nd edition of The Consultant Contractor Conference.