Dr. Usman Zafar

GCC Smart Cities Challenges and Block Chain Adoption


Dr. Uzman Zafar is an accomplished UAE-based business management and technology executive who has a successful track record in building and transforming result oriented professional organisations by implementing complex programs and business change initiatives with full P&L responsibility. His extensive experience and remarkable accomplishments in both private and public sector have recently gained a lot of exposure in the region.
Dr. Zafar is a trusted advisor to both the government as well as privately owned enterprises and he has been collaborating with various organizations in the UK, Europe, Canada and the US, implementing channel management strategies to increase the organisations’ profitability and enhance business operations in order to achieve their fullest potential.
Specialised in Investment Management, Dr. Zafar has held several executive-level positions in major blue-chip and Fortune 500 technology corporations advising organisations on acquiring new ventures and all aspects of global expansion. A highly influential executive who has collaborated with several private and public sector decision makers, Dr. Zafar is very well connected in the political as well as various other business sectors. Having been at the forefront of many of the region’s (MENA) multi million $ projects, he has exclusively been recognised for his expertise in the areas of Smart Government, specialised training initiatives and strategic business planning.
Dr. Zafar possesses an integrity driven personality that is not only performance-orientated but with a proven success in developing effective and profitable partnerships with business stakeholders in risk adverse environments. Furthermore, he is a strong and detail orientated communicator and a creative solutions provider, who is at all times focused on efficiently doing the right thing, in the right way. As an organized strategist and entrepreneurial team player, he has provided strategic leadership to fully own and manage the life cycle of business management in corporations. He has introduced innovative solutions to global marketing practices, and improved contract/proposal management processes for various well known corporations. Amongst other major accomplishments his work has produced breakthrough results in terms of technology growth, business pipeline as well as exponential increase in revenue, and great market rapport. Dr. Zafar has participated actively in several regional and international conferences, workshops and exhibitions as a keynote speaker to discuss various topics, such as leadership, marketing, IOT, big data, corporate branding, image building, smart government barriers, change management, business process management, public private partnership, social media, strategic planning, and communication/presentation skills.
Apart from working with large enterprises and public sector organisations, he has several years of experience in the education sector as a consultant and professor with renowned universities and corporate training centers globally. Dr. Zafar has received several awards in the past few years for his outstanding performance, successfully delivering complex projects for both the public an private sector corporations.