Heather Mills

Solving the $ Trillion Health Care Problem


Who is Heather Mills? She is a woman who has encountered an unusual life of extraordinary circumstances. A woman that has an inert ability to defy and conquer anything that falls in her path. Heather has managed to push through incredible boundaries to become a very successful entrepreneur, charity campaigner, World Record holder and Paralympic ski racer amongst many other things. One of Heather’s most successful businesses to date is her international multi-award winning plant-based vegan ethical food company, VBites.
In 1993 Heather sustained an horrific accident which resulted in a punctured lung, a fractured skull, a broken pelvis and the loss of her left leg below the knee. To save her amputated leg from constant infection she went on a plant-based diet and never looked back.
Heather, being a true food lover, did not want to miss out on what are deemed as every day foods so she decided to replicate an entire plant based range of meat, fish and dairy products. VBites was born. Heather is now internationally known as the pioneer of plant-based foods. VBites now exports to 24 countries, offers 104 plant-based, meat free, fish free and dairy free products in its range and has won 80 awards.
Heather is one of life’s great competitors and pioneers. Uncertainty is certainly something she has had to manage, embrace and conquer in her remarkable life. Heather’s mantra is: “Challenging people’s perception of a plant-based lifestyle and solving the problems with parallel replications”. She goes on to say: “My main focus is my family and the welfare of helping mankind develop their knowledge of the importance of introducing and sustaining a plant based diet into their lifestyle, which will ultimately help all sentient beings on the planet. After 25 years developing and distributing plant-based products I found the fastest and the best way to minimise harm to everybody in every way was to feed them great tasting food.”
“Many people use the phrase “you are what you eat”, but not often enough do we truly think of how deep a phrase that is. Most of the time we talk about the physical side of living a plant based lifestyle, weight loss, glowing skin, anti ageing. Not often enough do they know or talk about the benefits of a plant-based diet on mental well-being.”
Heather’s plant-based empire operates from 4 purely plant-based manufacturing factories and she is also the owner of VBites Ventures, a company which invests in brilliant plant-business concepts, helping entrepreneurs with plant-based ideas and vision to transform those ideas into reality.
As well as being an entrepreneur, renowned worldwide public and motivational speaker, Heather has worked tirelessly to aid survivors of war and landmine explosions. She has helped raise funds to clear over 21million sq meters of mine filled land and assisted in excess of 400,000 amputees. Heather is also a gold medal winning para-athlete in ski racing, and a World Record holder in 4 winter sports.
As the current world speed ski record holder Heather has informed and converted numerous world-class athletes on how to give up dairy. They have gone on to be overall world champions time and time again and one of Heather’s well known campaigns was working with the New York School Programme. She has helped 4000 children for numerous years in the Bronx and found by replacing dairy with plant-based alternatives that it improved their brain function and their health and ailments such as eczema and asthma and diabetes as well as brain function at school.