Jay Srage

The Rise of Emerging Technologies


Jay Srage currently serves as Managing Partner of Centrigent, a leading technology advisory services company. Just till recently, Jay has been served in Qualcomm for 10 years as President of Mid-East, Africa & Eastern Europe. Jay has been ranked in the top 10 regional execs by Forbes and was dubbed as The Transformer in its Digital Transformation special edition.
Jay has spent his career at the forefront of discoveries—from engineering particles, to developing the regional offices of the world’s largest chip manufacturer. Now he’s on the cusp of heralding a new era in digital connectivity.
Prior to Qualcomm, Jay spent a combined 15-years at Texas Instruments and Fermi-Lab.
Jay holds an MBA and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a bachelor from the American University of Beirut. Jay also recently completed the MIT Sloan Artificial Intelligence executive program.