Joseph Mancuso

The founder, Joe Mancuso is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He is a popular speaker and members have paid over $300,000,000 to hear talks and workshops conducted or arranged by Joseph over the last 40 years.

In recent years, Joe has travelled to China numerous times and brought with him over 850 CEOs from all over the world. Joseph has also been an instrumental part in setting up new international chapters and the growth of the CEO Clubs Worldwide. Newly developed chapters over the last few years include Dubai, Greece, Philippines, Australia, and Fiji.

CEO’S Are A Little Crazy 

Joseph Mancuso’s new eBook available now.

“About 50 years ago I wrote my first book. This new book, CEO’s Are A Little Crazy, is my first attempt to write a page-turner; telling the inside story of building CEO Clubs Worldwide to about 33,000 members worldwide and sharing humorous anecdotes along the way. I have selected dozens of these CEOs and show how they all share a level of ‘craziness’ because they think differently to the employees they manage.

I guarantee you will smile; it will trigger some fond memories of the many positive experiences from the thousands who benefited by CEO Clubs Worldwide membership.”

Hari K. Vallurupalli

President and CEO of RedSalsa Technologies and Trivikram; Co-Founder of CEO Clubs India

Hari has over 20 years in Technology, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Private Equity. Hari is the currently the CEO of Trivikram, a Real Estate firm on the Indian Subcontinent. Prior to Trivikram he worked as a consultant CEO of Infrastructure for Malaxmi, where he was responsible for identifying investment opportunities, creation of townships, Special Economic Zones and Industrial Parks.

Muhammed Ijaz

Mr. Ijaz began his career in 1997 and tailored his skills to develop relations with the most prestigious national and international organizations in world business.

Mr. Ijaz primarily focuses on the strong business promotion across the community of Pakistan in terms of ‘Business Networking’ as it was the need of time. He is aware of the fact that effective business networking is the linking together of individuals who through trust and relationship building become walking, talking, and advertisement for one another.

Park Jin Han

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