PAC stands for Presidential Advisory Council, our small group of CEO members who serve as a board of advisors for one another.

About 400 CEO Club members participate in PAC. PAC members must be members of the CEO Club and must sign mutual confidentiality agreements, agreeing to share detailed financial information, and agree not to miss more than two consecutive meetings.

Members of PAC all control companies with a minimum of 25 employees with at least $2 million USD in annual sales.

Sounding out issues or decisions with a knowledgeable, yet not directly involved, peer group can significantly improve the odds of success.

The group focuses on the host company’s biggest problem or opportunities. The council then offers solutions and advice. A mastermind occurs at the end of each session as each member shares their ideas to aid the host. This is audio-taped for the host to utilize as a reference. Confidentiality agreements are signed due to the sharing of financial information. Meetings include recaps and current developments by the council members present.

A PAC meets eight times annually, at each member’s business. Each meeting usually goes from 10am to 5pm.

The Super PAC is for larger companies and operates on an international basis. Minimum company size is $10 million in annual sales. Super PACs meet for three-day weekends, three times a year.