Saud Salim AI Mazrouei

The Gateway To International Business


Saud Salim AI Mazrouei is the Director of SAIF ZONE and possesses a proven track record and strong background in business management and IT. Spearheading the SAIF ZONE, Saud has successfully helped to boost growth through his long-sighted vision in attracting new business and supporting the growth of FDI.
His strategic approach has earned the free zone the status of global brands and favourable investment destination for international businesses looking at establishing themselves in the Middle East. He is firmly acknowledged as a local business leader with promise and commitment, possessing great potential to be a partner in the process of the economic development of the UAE.
The UAE’s strategic location and investor-friendly environment rank it amongst the top business environments globally. As a centre point of global trade, the country has seen huge growth over the last 5 years, with Sharjah in particular benefiting. The SAIF ZONE houses over 8,000 companies with 157 different nationalities, who are active in different economic sectors in our zones. The free zone was developed to encourage more FDI investment within Sharjah, since Sharjah is a leading industrial city, representing 33% of all industry in the UAE.
In this keynote, Saud Salim AI Mazrouei will address The World CEO Forum international delegations with powerful insight, advice and analytics to help support new business opportunities in the UAE and advise on how to identify the right services and products, based on business objectives. The SAIF ZONE specialises in a unique integration and clustering strategy and will showcase to investors how they can build a well-balanced, one-stop service business environment that enables their growth.
Saud Salim AI Mazrouei will also touch on the future of the UAE – what the landscape will look like, where the opportunities lie and the new and innovative projects being developed in the SAIF ZONE for different cluster industries and SME growth.