Tristan Forster

Ethical Manpower


Tristan is the founder and CEO of FSI Worldwide (FSI). Founded in 2006, FSI is the established leader in ‘FairLabour’ – a manpower solutions business model designed and pioneered by FSI, which manages the labour supply chain from village to destination country.
Leading by example, FSI regularly consults on how and why ethical recruitment practices should be adopted globally to increase productivity and profitability and to transform the paradigm of modern slavery and to end debt bondage.
From FSI’s inception in 2006 to its current strength providing ethical manpower for diverse industries, Tristan has played the leading role. Leveraging his deep multinational experience Tristan has built a highly-differentiated, profitable business, marked by annual step change in revenue, contract size, and repeat business metrics.
Tristan is the lead architect of FSI’s Fair Labour offering, a unique recruiting, training and contract management model, frequently cited by clients as ‘best in class’ for quality and efficiency in the provision of manpower from multiple source countries including Nepal, India, Kenya and the Philippines.
His work in providing customised offers, rooted in the provision of ethical manpower, free from age-old corrupt practices, has attracted two UN business leader awards, a Thomson Reuters Foundation Award and widespread plaudits from clients, humanitarian organisations and employees alike.